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What our dentists say about us

Here`s what our dentists are saying about Quality Dental Laboratories.

Angela Cowell
Belmont Dental Practice Durham

“I know that when I send work to Lisa, John and the team at QDL I can be assured of an excellent final result. They have been so helpful to me for my implant work and are always able to deliver what I need. I would not hesitate in recommending them. Mrs A Cowell, Belmont Dental Practice.”

Graham Murphy
Broadway Dental Practice

I have known John Deeks since I was newly qualified, his work; in terms of overall quality, attention to detail , and  aesthetics are always excellent and second to none  , his willingness to help and advice with cases has always been very much appreciated to the point where he will at any time during a working week offer help and assistance with cases,  from single unit through to larger more potentially involving cases  .  Having now almost 12 years’ experience and several post graduate courses completed and having benefited from guidance in the ‘early years’, it is great to see John and the QDL team running a high quality laboratory that always deliver, the restorations are always of a very high standard and the customer service is great, the work is always delivered as requested, never arrives late or goes missing , reducing administrative stress . 

John, Lisa and their team are a real pleasure to work with and an asset to the general practitioner. I would have no hesitation recommending QDL to the GDP wanting to deliver quality restorations and a quality service and on time.    It is plainly obvious that they aim to please in all areas not just clinical, this is something I have rarely come across so far with a UK lab.  I look forward to working with them in future .

Jim Sykes, BDS, Dip Con Sed.
Partner, Hexham Dental Clinic.

I have worked with Lisa and John for a number of years now and have always found their work to be of consistently high quality. Margins are always tight and the occlusion rarely requires adjustment, which saves me valuable chair time.

I find Lisa and John very easy to communicate with and their extensive experience helps make even the most complex cases seem simple. They are happy to take emails for shade matching and as a result the work I fit has excellent aesthetics which patients are very happy with.

They deliver on time, every time and will often go out of the way to accommodate the most demanding of patients time schedules. I’m more than happy to recommend QDL to anyone wanting a high quality laboratory.

Kevin Caruana

“I like how helpful QDL studios are, the knowledge Lisa and John have has always been an eye opener, and they have always been very helpful over the past years. The excellent service has also continued after the work is fitted”.

Mark Hanlon
Partner,Heham dental clinic

“I have tried most of the top dental laboratories in the North East region over the last 20 years and have found Lisa Penman and John Deeks work to be consistently of an excellent standard. They are approachable and experienced. Their implant work in particular is of the highest standard and our practice has lots of happy patients because of this.”

Pauline McCarthy
Elliot McCarthy Dental Care

You can do the best dentistry in the world but it can all end badly with the wrong technician When I work with John I am excited to fit the work I know he understands what I expect from him and trust him to deliver the exceptional high standard I expect every time. We work through cases together every step of the way to deliver the end result everyone is happy with.

Pete Thompson
Perfect smile, Laburnum Avenue, Wallsend

When you are providing a high end service, you require not only high quality work but absolute dependability. At QDL you have a team who understand these needs and feel part of it. The team at QDL put as much effort into the reliability of their service as they do the quality of their product. This is what I value above everything.